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15 Feb 2020

First baby album

These cute personalised books make a brilliant and touching gift for your newborn - and they're handmade in Surrey. Love them!


I love a bit of personalisation – it makes purchases feel that little bit more special, doesn’t it? While it used to be reserved for the super-rich with their monogrammed Louis Vuitton trunks, now us normals can get involved without forking out a fortune.


And aren’t these personalised baby books from My 1st Photos the cutest things you’ve ever seen?


We think so, and so do a growing number of celebrity fans – including Stephanie Davies from Hollyoaks, JB from JLS, Danny McFly, Jordan Banjo from Diversity, actress Lacey Turner and TV presenter Declan Donnelly.


A twist on the traditional paper and card photo album, the My 1st Photos baby album is handmade using 100% polyester, so it’s safe to leave with your baby to look at and cuddle.


It’s a fun and unique way to share family photos with your baby – keeping the baby safe from breakable picture frames. And framed pictures safe from small babies.


Like many a brilliant idea, My 1st Photos came about almost by accident. The business was founded by two Surrey women, Nadine and Sarah who met when they were expecting their first babies.


Sarah’s baby was born nine weeks early, and had to stay in hospital for a month. Nadine wanted to help Sarah and her family by printing out photos to leave with the baby – and the idea stemmed from there. Keeping families together when they’re apart, and creating a child’s first photo book.


Babies and toddlers love to look at photos of themselves and friends and family – and naming everyone in them. As well as being a great way to help them learn, the books also make a very sweet keepsake.


The albums come in a choice of small, medium and large and can be personalised with your choice of photographs and your own words. The books are soft and can be chewed on, scrunched up and easily cleaned. The photos won’t ‘lift off’ the fabric book and the baby photo albums are hand-washable.


The albums cost from £20 with free delivery in the UK.


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