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About Us

Nadine & Sarah - Our Story


Nadine and I were introduced when we were pregnant with our first babies and, as new mums often do, we often discussed personalised baby gifts and what we could add to the market.

My daughter was born 9 weeks premature and had to spend a month in Neonatal Intensive Care and the Special Care Baby Unit. I didn’t get to meet her for 4 days and then we had to leave her every night in an incubator when my husband and I went home.

Nadine wanted to help us by printing off some family photos to leave in her incubator, so she would always see our faces and it would also give us comfort too. Our idea stemmed from there: helping to keep families together when they're apart. Your child's first photo book.

Family photographs don’t often get printed out for children, unless they’re in a (usually breakable!) frame or precious baby photo album and we wanted something that babies and toddlers could easily access. Our children adore looking at family photo albums and naming everyone in them and we thought others would too. They also make wonderful baby keepsakes. Photos you can cuddle!

We started My 1st Photos in early 2018 and we work from our studio in Guildford, Surrey. We make personalised photo gifts for babies, including fabric photo albums and other baby gifts. We’ve taught ourselves to sew, print and design and we love what we do!

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Come and join us and follow our story...

Love Nadine & Sarah x


Making Memories

Not only are our personalised photo albums perfect for babies & toddlers to enjoy now, they're also a wonderful baby keepsake.

Many of our customers have started a tradition of buying a new photo book for special milestones and memories. They make lovely christening gifts, birthday presents, first day at nursery books, new baby gifts, baby shower presents, memory books for grandparents, photo albums for grandparents, photo albums of families who live abroad, NCT groups...

Build up a beautiful, timeless collection of your children's favourite photos that they can show to their own children in years to come.


Babies love faces

Babies are drawn to human faces, over other shapes, from the time they're only a few weeks old. Human faces are one of an infant's favourite and most fascinating things to observe, especially when it's mum or dad or his own image staring back at him in a mirror. By 3-months-old, most babies know the difference between familiar faces and strange ones.

Our personalised fabric photo albums are an excellent way to help your baby recognise familiar family faces and those they love. We can print the photo books in colour or black and white or why not try a combination of both? Bold, clear images work best for little eyes and they really love seeing their own faces too.

The clear, bold text used in our fabric photo books will also help babies and toddlers to develop early word and picture associations. Smaller babies can practice 'tummy time' using their My 1st Photos Album and they can also learn to grab and scrunch the pages. When they develop in to cheeky toddlers, the books will help with their reading, photo recognition and learning.